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About Us

About Us

Amanda VandenBosch & Houdini

Amanda VandenBosch has been breeding alpacas for nearly three decades and is well known to the international alpaca community as an international judge and trainer judging and teaching worldwide. She has extensive livestock experience having previously had worked in Racehorse studs including The National Stud on both sides of the Atlantic.

Richard Beale imported and exported livestock for 30 years before retiring after his 80th birthday. Having worked with Amanda for several years, upon selling Stanford Livestock to Amanda in 2015, he had agreed to be a consultant to the company for the next two years.

Stanford Livestock International was founded as Neil Stanford Ltd in 1966 and the name was changed in 1989. The company acts as an import- export livestock agents specializing in moving only pedigree breeding farm livestock and camelids especially to and from long distance destinations.

Breeders of seed stock alpacas – Flying Dutchman Alpacas

Since 1995 when it imported the first ever commercial livestock shipment of alpacas from South America to England, the company has continuously been moving alpacas, well over 4,000 to date worldwide. Mostly gone are the days of charter Jet shipments as today’s importers are looking for top quality genetics, these high value alpacas travel on regular passengers flights across the world.

The company initially came to prominence as the leading exporter of continental cattle to the Americas and Australasia during the “Exotics Boom” in the 1970s. Later in the late 1980s saw bull buying at Perth and Carlisle for overseas clients. Moving an entire herd by air, 100 head of Limousins, from Northern Ireland to Johannesburg, 99 Highland cattle also by air to Switzerland and a Welsh Black bull to Tristian du Cuna by sea were just some of the highlights. In recent years importing to Britain Lowline, an Australian breed, from Canada was another first.
Clients have included Universities, Governments, Breeding companies, breeders in many parts of the world.

Supporting Quechua Benefit in Peru

The Stanford Livestock International name has also been registered in the US.
All existing contracts will be carried through to their respective final destinations in the capable hands of Amanda.

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